EXTENZO Air-conditioning Ceiling
The installation of air-conditioning is often restricted by the unpleasant experiences we have all experienced at sometime or other: sudden bursts of icy air in restaurants, hotels or at the office...
EXTENZO Climaclick totally eliminates such problems.


Climaclick - general presentation

Climaclick is a method for distributing air in rooms associated with a ceiling and cold (hot) wall effect which constitutes the terminal unit of an air-conditioning system that performs one or several air-conditioning functions:

Cooling, dehumidification, etc...

In addition to the benefits of the EXTENZO stretch ceiling, Climaclick provides:

  • Incomparable comfort in all seasons due to the combination between the Radiation/Distribution of the processed air:
  • Radiation of the stretch ceiling over the entirety of the surface and the upper section of the walls,
  • Distribution of the processed air that mixes perfectly with the ambient air over the entire periphery of the room,
  • Hygienic air is uniformly distributed throughout the room (no dead areas)
  • No more sudden bursts of cold air or draughts.

Aesthetics and comfort associated with the EXTENZO stretch ceiling:

  • No more air vents, the 1 cm vents distributed around the edges are invisible,
  • No obvious air-conditioning devices are visible in the room,
  • No clutter on the ground.

EXTENZO Climaclick combines the benefits of a stretch ceiling (appearance, choice of shades and materials, simplicity and installation rapidity...) with the height of air-conditioning comfort.


Operating principal

(the figure referred to on the right corresponds to a simulation in heating mode)

Treated air (hot or cold)  is blown into a plenum (A) formed by the volume between the ceiling and the EXTENZO stretch ceiling. A thin calibrated vent is retained all around the room. This vent is sealed off in certain predetermined areas (for instance: near the air outlet, above the head of the bed in a hotel) and varies in width depending on the wall in order to provide the maximum level of comfort.

By circulating at extremely low velocity in the plenum, the air cools (or heats) the stretch ceiling which, in turn, through convection and radiation, transfers the heat or cold to the room (B); it then vertically blows the air through the calibrated vents around the walls (C), drags the air of the room (D) with a strong induction rate and cools (or heats) the upper section of the walls that then radiate the air into the room (E); therefore, the air arrives at the lower section of the walls at an extremely low velocity and at a temperature similar to the room temperature (F), which ensures no draughts are experienced.

It should be noted that the air sweeps through the entire room before exiting via the outlet, thereby ensuring an uniform ventilation throughout the room. Furthermore, the thin vent around the room regulates pressure loss to guarantee the velocity of the blown air remains uniform all around the room and ensures none of the air in the room penetrates into the plenum.


Video Presentation

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