Project – Tovli
Place – Nieuwendijk 96 Amsterdam
Designer – Owner
Description – Translucent ceilings

Customer comments:
"Working with Raviv was a total pleasure!
He was professional, always friendly, giving us good advice & an excellent service."
- Leonie Spelman - Owner

Project – De Engel
Place – Lisse
Design – Yellow house interiors
Description – Combination of translucent ceilings with Shiny ceilings. Implementation of the Climaclick system

Customer comments:
“Raviv's number one goal is a happy client. Working on a project together with Raviv has been a refreshing experience. He thinks in solution's not problems. He is professional and brings a constant personal calmness during the execution of the project from start to finish. He is very capable and you can trust and rely on him and his company 100%.”
- Karen Shepherd – YHI

Project – Atoll Rotterdam
Place – Rotterdam
Architect – Vassili Popov
Description – Translucent ceilings with RGB lighting controlled by DMX. The ceilings are 3D in waves of different heights

Project – Disstudio – Boffi kitchens
Place – Amsterdam
Architect – Disstudio
Description – Translucent wall backed by LED lights

Customer comments:
"Deze lichtwand was vrijwel onmogelijk te realiseren met glas vanwege de moeilijke vorm en afmeting.
Dankzij de oplosssing van Art of Ceilings hebben wij een fantastisch lichtobject, die niet alleen als eyecather dient maar ook erg functioneel"
- Dis Abhelakh - Disstudio

Project – Resin
Place – Amsterdam
Architect – Diego-Alonso design
Description – Shape Translucent treetops backed TL light with green sleeves

Customer comments:
"Resin coffeeshop is created to imitate an atmosphere of being "lost in the woods". it combines harsh and cold materials with warm colors, images and lighting."
- Diego Alonso