Is it possible to use spotlights?
Any lighting fixture, including spotlights can be easily fitted with EXTENZO® stretch ceilings

Do EXTENZO® stretch ceilings require maintenance?
No, the ceilings are maintenance free, do not suffer from condensation and will never crack, flake or peel

Do EXTENZO® stretch ceilings have a warranty?
Extenzo® stretch ceilings are provided with a 10-year guarantee which covers the welds and anchor system
Is it possible to have additional lighting after the stretch ceilings have been installed?
EXTENZO® stretch ceilings are fitted with a ‘click’ system which means that with the help of a qualified installer the ceiling can be re-opened as many times as needed

How can I clean my ceiling?
EXTENZO® stretch ceilings can be easily cleaned with water and towel 

Do EXTENZO® ceilings have a Dutch fire classification?
Yes, all of our ceilings are subjected to the European and Dutch regulations & standards

How long does it take to install and is it complicated?
The installation is very quick & clean; most houses can be installed in a single day

How much do stretch ceilings cost?
Every project has different sizes and factors, so the price varies between projects; we can compete with traditional ceiling manufacturers over price and we can furnish our clients with an on location offer

What materials are EXTENZO® stretched ceilings made of?
EXTENZO® stretch ceilings are made of PVC and mounted on PVC or Aluminium profiles

Can I use EXTENZO® stretch ceilings for my walls?
We install EXTENZO® on walls as well, usually as printed impressions or for lights

Is it possible to combine air-conditioning with EXTENZO® stretch ceilings?
Sure, any air-condition or grills can be fitted to EXTENZO® stretch ceilings, but if you are planning to use an air-condition please click on ‘Climaclick’ for EXTENZO® patented solution for  air-conditioned environment or just ask us